Thoughts on Friday

When Allah swt finished creating the Earth and Sky. Then offered to all creatures to be khalifahfilarld (leader / ruler / manager / care) Earth. His job is to carry out the mandate of Allah Almighty, to lead and manage the Earth or the world is in accordance with the provisions of Allah swt.

All creatures of Allah swt. mountains, oceans, animals, plants, and so on ... states can not afford to bear the burden of the mandate of Allah swt. very heavy, except HUMAN. He states can fulfill their duty to carry out the provisions of Allah swt. on Earth, this World.

Apparently after being khalifahfilarld HUMAN, let alone carry out the mandate of Allah swt. to enforce the law / provisions / rules of Allah Almighty on earth, to worship only drag, difficult, and many ignore obligations.
HUMAN many who do not worship, worship lazy, lazy Koran / tadarusan, disbelieved in Allah swt., Betraying trust, away from the command of Allah swt. even blatantly running a dilarang-Nya/diharamkan-Nya .........

Have we become khalifahfilarld with truth!