Moral Decadence of Youth | Pidato Bahasa Inggris

Respected Master of Ceremony
Honorable Judges
And all my beloved friends, How are you?

Before going on my speech, it`s better for us to thank God Allah for His Mercy and Blessing, that we can meet here to attend the English Speech Contest.

Peace and salutation may be sent to the last messenger of Allah, our propeth Muhammad SAW, who has shown us the right way of Islam.

I`m happy very much to stand up here in this good opportunity.Thank you dear MC for your kindness by giving me chance to speak in front of you all.

Well, I`m going to try my best to speak about: “Moral Decadence of Youth

Brothers and sisters,,,

Let me first ask you a question, What is youth? Youth is the state or time being young. So, I think someone between 12 until may be 30 years old is considered a youth, like us today.

Many people say that youth is very important period in our life time, Why?! Because it`s the transitional period between childhood and maturity. This period is also very important because it`s determines the rest of our life.

Youth is often called “The Hope of The Nation”, because they will substitute their parents to be the leaders of the society in the coming years.

But today, My beloved teachers and friends, we see the sad reality of our young generation. Many of them don`t relize their important role and what should they do to face their future. They prefer spending day and night for useless activities wandering anywhere, dancing in the pub, or singing in the pavement of the street. Worse even, many of them are involve in crimes, misuse the drugs, and many other bad behavior.

We may wonder, Why can this situation happen? Why do the young generation prefer going out from their houses rather than staying at home to study or praying in the mosque? I think one of the reasons because they don`t get enough attention from their parents. Their parents are too busy looking for money, that they neglect the care for their children.

Well, we understand that money is important. But it`s not every thing to satisfy their needs. Do you think the youth only need money? No!! They also need their parents`s care, love, and attention beside money.

My beloved friends,,,

The next reason why the young generation are in the moral decadence because they are lack of religious education. I think if they got enough religious education, the condition would be different. Why do I say so? Because we know that religion is the inner power in their body, that can prevent them from being involved into bad moral and behavior.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, What must we do? How to solve this problem? Must we keep silent and let the condition go on forever? Of course not!!!

We must make the parents and their children understand Islam better. By having it, they will be closer to their children, give them the good exsample, and pay attention to their needs. The children will also honor and obey their parents and have the preventive power to keep them selves away from the moral decadence.

From now on, Let`s motivate our selves to change the condition to prepare the better future of our nation.

My beloved friends,,,

This is the end of my speech, let`s be the hope of our religion and nation.! Ibeg your pardon if you find some mistake, thank you for your attention, and see you later…

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